dog-beds Dog houses - Buy indoor or outdoor houses that will keep your pet comfortable and happy!  


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Dog houses - Buy indoor or outdoor houses that will keep your pet comfortable and happy!

Dog houses - Buying a dog house for your pet might be a good choice for you if space is tight in your home, or if you want to have a special pet structure that your dog or cat can be comfortable in, and call her own. There are some very attractive and stylish pet houses out there, if this is what you desire. Alternatively, you can buy a great plastic house that will function nicely to keep your dog happy, warm and dry in winter, and cool in summer.

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Priced from: $39.99

Dog house types

For a pet house that will look great and last for many years buy a wood dog house made of cedar wood or a tropical hardwood. Cedar helps with odors and is a natural flea tick repellant. Tropical hardwood dog homes are the most durable and weather resistant and are great if the house is to be permanently situated outdoors. Other popular houses for pets are made of: plastic, recycled plastic, resin, and wicker rattan.

Buy the best wooden home for your pet

If you are looking for the best selection of wooden dog homes, take a look at the hardwood pet houses made by Merry Products. Dogs - small, medium, and large will go crazy for their own log cabin house with porch. This pet house manufacturer makes a number of finely crafted hardwood doghouses. The price range is from $75 to $380, and includes removable top and bottom panels for easy house cleaning.


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