dog-tags   Dog tags with up to date information are your dog's ticket home.  


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Uh Oh! Where's the dog? Dog tags with up to date information are your dog's ticket home

Sure, your dog is well trained - but - wait - hey, come back, don't chase that kitty! Should your dog have an unexpected adventure, dog tags are his best insurance of a quick return. Always have your pet's license and I.D. tags securely fastened to his collar. Also, it is best to use a separate link for his leash attachment.

Dog Tags - Best Sellers
Dog Tags in all shapes and sizes that can be personalized for your pooch
Get rid of the jingle-jangle that drives you crazy. The Quiet Spot Tag Silencer is designed to slip right over the tags and stay on using Velcro®.

The value of dog tags
Some dog tags offer more than just identification. For instance, one of our recommended online merchants offers the Ruff and Tumble Flashing ID tag. It's not only an I.D. tag, but functions also as a flashing safety tag. Flashing tags are equipped with motion and light sensors meaning they only light up at night when your pet is on the move. Also, dog tags like this one, are waterproof so should it get wet information is preserved.

Maybe you prefer the classic metal dog tag?
If you are looking for the classic metal dog tags, Available in a wide variety of shape and sizes these name tags are permanently engraved with your dog's name and address.

For the option of adding more information or being able to easily change information, "Dog-e-Tag™" features digital dog tags. "Dog-e-Tag™" is lightweight and is worn just like the classic metal tag. This tag holds up to 40 lines of information meaning you can store your important phone numbers as well as critical dog health information

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