dog-coats  Fashion aside, dog coats are a must for maintaining your pet's body heat in the cold, wet and wind.  



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Fashion aside, dog coats are a must for maintaining your pet's body heat in the cold, wet and wind

How you determine whether or not your pet needs to wear a dog coat depends largely on your dog and the climatic conditions. For example, active pooches who spend a lot of time outdoors in the cold, but live inside, will greatly benefit from outerwear like: dog coatsand dog sweaters. Also, older, more fragile dogs benefit from the extra layer provided by dog sweaters, helping them to feel better and be happier pets.

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Keep your dog warm and protected when it's blustery and cold outside

The Anxiety Wrap places light pressure across a wide area of your dog keeping him calm and allowing him to focus during training.

Who Benefits from Dog Coats?
Dog coats provide an additional layer of protection when it's cold for those who need it:

  • Short and silky haired dogs.
  • Dogs with wet fur.
  • Older dogs.
  • Dogs who spend most time indoors and
    aren't acclimated to colder temperatures.
  • Dogs who have undergone medical treatment
    causing them to loose fur.
  • Dogs who have lost fur for other reasons.
  • Dogs with fancy hairdos.

What kinds of dog coats are available?
Our select online merchants can outfit your dog with appropriate and quality dog coats such as fleeces, rain jackets, dog sweaters and dog capes. Not to worry about sizing, it's easy to measure your dog and each merchant explains what measurements are needed for proper fit.

Outfitting your pooch appropriately for the weather is serious stuff. You must first get your pet familiar with the idea of wearing his dog coat. To do this you'll need to spend some time dressing and undressing him interspersed with plenty of praise. Remember, proper fit is key. Once your dog grows accustomed to his fashionable new attire it's time to head out and show him off. Or better yet, let your dog participate in Halloween by wearing a fancy costume!

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